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Advisory Services

Infront’s Advisory Services division was formed by highly capable industry professionals with demonstrated experience as industry employees and consultants delivering integrated, end-to-end, security, safety and emergency management programs and solutions.

Our Advisory specialists are highly skilled at analysing any size company, from small to medium enterprises to large-scale complex organisations and Government departments. Our speciality is providing security consultation and advice on embedding solutions across Critical Infrastructure, Defence, Transport, Justice, Security, Aviation, and Resources sectors.

Our specialised experts ensure that solutions are tailored to the client’s needs and are seamlessly integrated into strategic, operational, and tactical plans; enabling clients to focus on delivering their core business.

Infront’s Advisory Services also offers a range of additional complementary services which enable us to deliver holistic programs that will exceed client expectations.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, independence, and ability to deliver fit-for-purpose, agnostic and scalable solutions that add and create value to your business.

We work with you, not only to assess the risks and any other issues that may impact on your facility or infrastructure, we also utilise our expertise to identify various mitigating strategies and develop the documentation that will support any changes to your approach.

Our services (from advice to implementation) include:

–  Infrastructure and Asset

–  Health & Safety

–  Procurement

–  Facilities management

–  Program and Project management

–  Threat Assessments (both hard and soft)

–  Security Planning; and

–  Event Security Management

Maritime Security

Maritime Security is a specialised service that Infront has been providing for over 15 years. We have a team of Maritime Security Guards who are not only MSIC accredited under the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003 who undertake duties ensuring:

– Wharf safety requirements

–  Pre-berth requirements;

–  Terminal screening;

–  Safe Escort of ship’s crew and visitors;

–  Regular Wharf patrols – landside and waterside;

–  CCTV operations;

–  Checks for authorised/unauthorised person;

–  Appropriate treatment of Maritime security incidents and breaches; and

–  Vessel departure requirements.

All of our staff have undertaken a formalised training program that was developed specifically for the maritime environment by our Registered Training Organisation many years ago. The training program was developed in conjunction with the Port of Brisbane to fulfil a gap in the security training arena. Today, many organisations will only employ staff who have undertaken this specialised training program that our Registered Training Organisation was the first to offer.

Additionally, Infront is able to assist in the development of Maritime Security Plans which are focused on the management of security risks and threats in what is potentially a highly hazardous environment. 

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The Infront team has extensive industry knowledge that our partners can access, including a dedicated support team, extensive range of employees to meet every need, and over 15 years experience in Brisbane.