Infront Security provides the full range of manpower security services  across all market segments.  A high level of customer responsiveness by our highly trained and licenced security personnel, championed by our experience management team, and underpinned by our QA accredited management system contributes to the provision of a service has earned Infront a reputation as a security industry leader throughout Queensland.

Dogs (K9) and Handlers

It has been said that one dog team (K9 and handler) is the equivalent to six men!

Our highly trained K9s have incredibly powerful senses and an intimidating, yet controlled presence which makes them an incredibly effective solution in certain environments. Infront K9 teams provide an excellent deterrent, particularly in preventing thefts and vandalism in remote or poorly lit areas.

Our approach to K9s and their handlers is based on providing a high standard of regular and on-going training – at least fortnightly – which greatly exceeds the current Queensland legislative requirements.  Our Instructors have extensive experience in both military and civilian police environments, both locally and internationally.

Additionally, Infront introduced the ‘muzzle model’ to Australia, whereby dogs wear a basket style muzzle that has a quick release mechanism for when the dog is required to escalate their response. The muzzle is particularly useful in public areas as it provides members of the public with a level of comfort when the dog teams are working around them.

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Crowd Control and Event Security

Infront Security can provide staff to support any venue or event, whether it’s for 200 guests or 200,000!.

Crowd Control

Infront Crowd Control undertakes a rigorous selection process whereby staff are selected for their interpersonal skills as well as their judgement and decision-making capacity.  A dedicated team of such highly skilled staff can ensure that the public face of any venue is presented in a professional and positive manner.  The development of a Venue Security Plan, coupled with site operating procedures, and regular profession-specific training programs based on a philosophy of negotiation and verbal conflict resolution, ensures our crowd control officers stand apart from those in other organisations.

Event Security

There are three (3) main elements which determine the success of any event:

  • Planning – we work with event management and the various stakeholders to develop a Security Management Plan as well as specific position instructions for all staff;
  • Execution – the Infront Events team comprises specialist operators such as:
    • Gate/Entry/Exit staff who ensure that patrons meet all entry requirements, manage the refusal policy for prohibited items and undertake bag searches;
    • Bar staff who not only utilise their RSA expertise by have exceptional public relations skill and can deal with any situation with tact and discretion;
    • Roving staff who conduct regular patrols of a designated area and respond as required to various situations; and
    • Asset Management who are often required to work overnight protecting property.
  • Debrief – At the completion of any event, Infront management undertake a debriefing to review the service provision and learn lessons for “next time”.

This philosophy has been used successfully at the many events that Infront undertakes annually such as Riverfire, Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival and the Laneway Festival.

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Static and Armed Guards

Infront Security Officers are  trained and licenced to undertake a range of roles across a variety of industries, and both the private and public sectors.  With clients encompassing  industrial & commercial, education, construction and retail, our Security Officers perform a range of duties including, but not limited to:

  • Gatehouse Entry Control;
  • Concierge/Corporate;
  • Fire Warden/Emergency response;
  • Conduct site inductions;
  • Ensure full lock/unlock of sites;
  • Staff Escorts;
  • Monitoring of CCTV/Alarm systems; and
  • Traffic Management (including controllers, analysis and risk management)

Additionally, Infront Security can provide armed guards to transport cash and valuables anywhere in Queensland. Providing both uniformed and plainclothes personnel for discrete banking and cash in transit, all guards are fully licenced as required by the QLD Weapons Act 1990 and the Security Providers Act 1993.

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Mobile Patrols

A mobile patrol is a cost effective solution for protecting any business outside of their normal trading hours. With vehicles on the road every day of the week, Infront Security mobile patrols provide a reliable, highly visible, on-site presence to deter and detect burglary and acts of vandalism.

As a value-add, Infront utilises handheld microchip technology – Uniguard – that captures real time data during security patrols and alarm responses. This technology allows us to provide detailed reports which can verify the attendance of the mobile patrol, ensuring that clients receive the standard of service they expect, and are paying for.

Infront Mobile Patrols can also monitor your installed alarm system, as well as providing alarm responses when an alarm has been activated, negating the need for our clients to place themselves at risk when checking on the security of their property in response to an alarm activation.

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Specialist Services

From VIPs and celebrities to corporate and government dignitaries, Infront can provide a specialised close personal protection service to those that come under threat due to the nature of their work or identity.  Such services can be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our security professionals generally have a military, police or high-end security background.  They are selected on the basis of their ability to operate discretely and effectively, particularly in potential crisis situations.  Our staff undertake ongoing training and development to ensure their skills are maintained to the highest calibre.

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Security Training

Infront Security has a partnered Registered Training Organisation (RTO), which is able to develop and deliver  training programs for our staff to meet our client’s specific requirements. All staff undertake regular refresher training to ensure their skills are maintained, and staff are encouraged to undertake additional training for their own professional development.

Training programs to meet legislative requirements are available in Security Operations – Certificate I, II & III – as well as K9 Handling certification and weapons training at our indoor Weapons Range.  Contact Infront Security to find out about other potnetial training programs that can contribute to your development as a well-rounded security professional.

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