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Why use Infront for your Retail Security?

We have extensive loss prevention and  luxury retail experience in Australia. We offer bespoke security solution to our clients, suitably matched to their highly-discerning clientele. Infront ensure the best possible retail security service for every customer.

You decide who works on your premises

Our licensed security staff are individually selected and vetted by you with Infront’s support. It’s essential that you feel 100% comfortable with any security staff assigned to keep your premises safe.

World-class loss prevention & retail security training

The training for your security guards will be tailored to the needs of your brand, people and premises. Everything from correct greetings & farewells, situational awareness, the customer journey, and brand essence will be covered with your security professional(s).

Understanding of the Luxury & Premium retail experience

We seamlessly integrate with your exact presentation needs. Infront understand luxury and premium retail customers. We know that security staff need to be a subtle – yet visible – part of the retail experience. We offer complete flexibility on dress code, physical appearance and language skills required for each client’s needs

Risk Mitigation & Loss Prevention consulting

We bring expert knowledge on risk mitigation in luxury retail. Infront takes a consultative approach to identify store areas, processes, and times of day where the risk of loss is increased. We’ll develop strategies in collaboration with your staff to reduce loss & risk, while continually delighting valuable potential customers.

High Street Shop

Loss Prevention & Retail Security Trusted By Premium Brands

Infront works with some of the world’s most prestigious luxury houses and groups as a security partner as well as some of Australias emerging and established luxury retail brands.

Customer confidentiality is paramount however, and we instil the value of total discretion to our team, to put HNWI clients at ease when they visit our clients’ boutiques. Read some testimonials from our clients about our superior retail security service.

Other Retail Security Needs

Infront is not limited to luxury retail premises.

We have worked as a security partner in pop-up activations, out of store events, and unique promotions, to ensure the safety of staff, and security of valuable objects for display or sale. Whether displaying and transporting items of fine jewellery, significant quantities of cash, or releasing a limited edition product, Infront has the experience to safeguard property and staff.


Retail Shrinkage

The top 3 causes of criminal retail shrinkage in Australia are*:
1. Shoplifting (39% of loss by value)
2. Employee theft (25% of loss by value)
3. Supplier Fraud (13% of loss by value)
*Global Theft Barometer

Infront Security has extensive experience in all of these areas, with employee theft rising substantially as a source of shrinkage. We can help you assess risk and identify instances of internal theft, thanks to our experienced team and rigorous processes. Our team can also help mitigate loss further up the supply chain with a range of market leading warehousing and fixed asset security solutions.

Australian Retail Theft by Industry

Theft in the retail sector has a greater incident in certain product categories, with 3 target Verticals in Australia being:
1. Clothing and Apparel (1.54% theft rate)
2. Department Stores (1.40% theft rate)
3. Electronic Appliance and Media Products (0.61% theft rate).

Infront works with clients in all of the above verticals and provides clients with customised training and specialised guard services for each environment.

The importance of retail security in Australia

In Australia’s retail sector, losses due to product theft were in excess of $2.4 billion in 2014/15 [Euromonitor]. Within the luxury and premium retail segment, store owners are exposed to a significant risk of loss without taking adequate loss prevention measures.

Breakdown of all incidents experienced in the Small Business Crime Survey, by type of crime (Source: AIC Small Business Crime Survey)


Loss due to stolen credit cards

Loss prevention and retail security is not limited to physical theft. ‘Card not present’ fraud cost Australian consumers over $500 million in 2016 [APCA] in cases where a payment was made using stolen credit card data. Luxury retail is often a target for these stolen details to be used, due to the high individual item cost and increased ease of reselling luxury goods.

Fraud identification training

Infront is able to provide staff training to help our clients’ employees identify potentially fraudulent activity, and further protect the store from fraud related losses.

Partner with a security provider you trust

The Infront team has extensive industry knowledge that our partners can access, including a dedicated support team, extensive range of employees to meet every need, and over 15 years experience in Brisbane.