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Crowd Control

Infront Crowd Control is not just about providing a physical security presence at your venue, but working with you to develop a service that integrates seamlessly with your venue team to deliver a great customer experience. We are as concerned with your reputation as you are!

We have developed an industry leading reputation for providing professional, customer focused and skilled crowd control staff. We know you are not looking intimidation for hire, so the development of a team for your venue is focused on selecting staff who not only hold the necessary license/RSA/First Aid, but have outstanding customer services and excellent conflict communication and negotiation skills Our in-house training program ensures our staff’s skills are regularly maintained, as well as ensuring that if they are required to resort to physical intervention they have the necessary skills to do so.

Another point of difference from our competitors is the regular team briefings where we have legal professionals, Office of Liquor & Gaming Regulation (OLGR) and Queensland Police guest speakers address our team to keep us up to date on the legal and regulatory requirements that we need to be aware of when working in licensed venues.

Our Management team and our Audit & Inspection team regularly visit our client’s venues to support our staff and ensure that all legislative requirements and operational standards are being met as part of our Staff Performance Management Program and ongoing service review. We also provide regular reporting for our venues to assist them to identify weekly, monthly and annual trends of areas of vulnerability. This reporting enables us to work with our clients to target those areas of concern which can often be mitigated by reviewing rosters, staffing needs and additional training requirements.

Our successful approach is demonstrated by the calibre of many of our clients including Cloudland, Empire Hotel, Birdees, Eat Street Northshore and Jade Budha to name but a few.


Infront has been providing Event Security since 2002.  With extensive experience our team can ensure that we are able to anticipate and avoid many of the threats in crowded public. We have developed a reputation throughout the event industry as the “go to” security provider for major events on the Australian social calendar. We are one of the few companies who can provide directly employed staff for any event whether it be 200 people or 200,000!

Many other security providers utilise one workforce who often work across all aspects of the business, meaning that they will have introductory knowledge of a wide range of security requirements but no specialised skills.

At Infront we believe that to provide you with the most effective event security requires a specialised team. Infront’s dedicated event team is then trained and accredited in specific event roles meaning that each guard is a specialist in their area of operation.  

Infront’s Event Team specialises in the following areas of operation:   

* Stage ( barrier and pit guards)

* Back of House

* Entry Gates including ID checks and bag searches

* Perimeter Security to prevent unauthorised access

* Roving to respond to incidents as and when they occur

* RSA Guards

* Command Centre for site control

* Asset Protection

* Carparks

* Traffic Control

* Concierge / Guest relations

Please note not all roles have been specified on this list, to learn more contact our event team

Festival / Event

Custom made solutions for your event – Conception to Conclusion

Our team will take you through all elements of your event security planning. Including but not limited to security legal requirements, workplace health and safety, consultation  with QPS, QAS and QFS. Review the logistics of the location, the exposure to risk and a host of other factors in determining the ideal strategy for securing your event.

Event security needs to be thorough without being overwhelming. We utilise a wide variety of security technologies combined with our highly trained professional event security staff to ensure that your event goes smoothly.


  1. Planning – we work with event management and the various stakeholders – including emergency services – to develop a Security Management Plan as well as specific position instructions for all staff. With the implementation of the Australian Federal Government’s ANZCTC Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism strategy, Infront incorporates the associated guidelines into our Security Plans. We are also able to access additional threat and protective security information to assist us when planning the security for any event.
  1. Execution – each member of the Event Security team is a specialist operator, trained to provide a particular expertise to the highest level. As an example, our Gate Entry staff are expert in managing entry points, ensuring patrons meet all entry requirements including proof of age and dress code, as well as implementing any prohibited items refusal policy in a professional non-threatening manner.

    The Gate Entry team only operate at entry points, hence their expertise in this pivotal area. However, we do also have many multi-skilled staff who are able to support a variety of roles/positions of an event, and can move amongst various positions to meet any surge requirements. All staff are provided with position instructions, communication protocols including the central Command Centre, and details of the chain of command including their direct Supervisor whom they are to contact with any questions. On ground supervisory staff oversee all operational requirements, overseen by Infront senior management staff.

  1. Debrief – At the completion of any event, Infront ensures we undertake debriefing to review the service provision, and learn lessons for “next time”.
This philosophy has been used successfully at the many events that Infront regularly undertakes such as Riverfire, Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival and the Paniyiri Greek Festival
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