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Whether you have a small temporary work-site you want to secure, a large multi function warehouse, or a central city office needing access control, Infront Security has a solution to meet your Corporate Security needs. Get in touch and one of our team will develop a custom solution to suit your needs.

Why use InFront Security for your CORPORATE Security?

Infront Security has over 15 years experience in Corporate Asset Security, Mobile Patrols, Armed Guards, and Gatehouse/Entry Control. Our team comprises over 600 highly trained guards, and Infront brings market leading technology solutions to bring our clients peace of mind that their valuable assets and property is safe and secure.

We know your industry

Infront Security has wide ranging experience working in both the public and private sector to protect important assets. Our extensive body of previous and ongoing work is testament to our breadth of expertise and reliability. Read testimonials from some of our satisfied clients and then contact us to discuss your security needs.

You will always have guards where and when you need them

Infront has hundreds of trained guards ready to be deployed as needed according to the needs of our clients. In cases of staff illness or unavailability, Infront guarantees that you will never be left short. Our impressive technology solutions give the client the ability full transparency on security coverage and continuity of service. Another benefit to our size is that we are able to provide extra coverage to customers with temporary extra security needs, whether it is a high value shipment requiring extra attention, or an event that presents extra risk to your business, Infront will be ready to assist. Find out more about our capabilities to serve your security needs.

We are known as market leaders in CORPORATE Security

We know the importance of partnering with suppliers and contractors that will uphold your reputation for quality. Infront is known as being dedicated to professionalism, quality and exceptional results, a history built over 15 years of work in Queensland. You can be sure that when working with Infront, that not only will your business be in safe hands, so will your reputation.

We operate Australia wide

Infront Security is a leading operator in Australia, from our head office in Southern Brisbane, and our satellite offices in Toowoomba, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, we provide a responsive and localised service in South East Queensland. We also service North Queensland from our offices in Proserpine and Airlie Beach, and have satellite offices up and down the east coast of Queensland. When selecting a security partner, Infront is your local market expert and will deliver you a custom security solution suiting your local needs.

Our Security services are based in a culture of safety

Infront is ISO9001 certified and has a deep rooted culture of safety. We ensure all our staff have full training in safe workplace practices, and also practice a transparent culture of safety reporting. Safety is audited with technology solutions as well as in person reviews and assessments. We have developed policies on solo working, risk identification, and incident reporting – policies that will give you confidence that you have another expert set of eyes, identifying hazards before they cost your business time and money.

We have the latest technology to ensure compliance and quality

Infront Security are some of the first in market to develop customised reporting and patrol verification technology in commercial security settings. These technologies include:

  • GPS tracking of guard routes
  • Physical checkpoint buttons for patrolled routes
  • In vehicle and personal cameras
  • Real-time Time tracking apps
  • Mobile incident reporting apps

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We design custom solutions for your specific needs

Every commercial premise has a unique set of priorities when it comes to a security solution. For some clients their physical assets require round the clock protection, others have intangible assets such as digital data or sensitive information, where access to restricted areas requires vigilant security. We can provide licenced armed guards for high-risk cash-in-transit requirements, and K9 units where the presence of a highly trained guard dog provides an extra level of deterrence. Other solutions include:

  • Gatehouse Entry Control
  • Concierge/Reception
  • Control Room Monitoring & Access Control
  • Hazard and Risk identification
  • Fire Warden/Emergency response
  • Conduct site inductions
  • Ensure full lock/unlock of sites
  • Staff Escorts
  • Emergency surge requirements

Our Client Liaison managers will listen to exactly what is most important to you, as well as provide suggestions where risk to your business can be mitigated with our industry leading service.

Get in touch with one of our team to discuss your needs.


In Australia’s retail sector, losses due to product theft were in excess of $2.4 billion in 2014/15 [Euromonitor]. Within the luxury and premium retail segment, store owners are exposed to a significant risk of loss without taking adequate loss prevention measures.

Insurance cost

Commercial Property Insurance premiums are forecast to rise by 6% over the next 3 years. Some of this premium increase is attributed to increased costs of claims related to losses which are often no fault of the insured party. The top 3 reasons for claims against commercial property policies are*:

  • Fire and Storm Damage
  • Vandalism and Glass Breakage
  • Theft of goods and building materials including scrap metal

*AAMI Claims Data


Reputational risk

We know how important our reputation is to our success. When operating a business, your customers need to trust that you are caring for their goods and confidential information. High profile thefts and break-ins can have devastating effects on the reputation of a business. While insurance might replace goods stolen or damaged, the task of regaining your reputation is a much bigger job. With a solid and reliable security partner, your business is in safe hands, and the extra steps you take to secure your business will be appreciated by existing and future customers.

Lost time due to Incidents

Whether you are operating a machine workshop, a storage warehouse, or an office park, health and safety is top of mind for business executives. Last year in Australia, over $28.2 billion was lost to preventable injuries on commercial properties. Self reporting of safety hazards is inconsistent across businesses, and often risks can go unnoticed for years until they cause an incident. InFront Security are experts in the field of hazard identification and OH&S management, and as part of our partnership with you, we will help you to make your commercial premises safer. The risks to commercial property are varied, engaging InFront Security to assess your needs and develop a custom solution is as easy as getting in touch with one of our experts.
Partner with a security provider you trust

The Infront team has extensive industry knowledge that our partners can access, including a dedicated support team, extensive range of employees to meet every need, and over 15 years experience in Brisbane.

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Daniel Lim-Bromilow

Operations Manager – K9

Daniel entered the industry in 2005 and commenced with Infront Security as a K9 Handler in 2010.

Daniel brings to Infront over a decade of on the ground experience and extensive knowledge of security. 

After seven years in supervisory and operational roles within the company, Daniel now manages Static Security and K9 services for some of Infront’s most high profile clients. 

Daniel has a demonstrated history managing large scale portfolios, with a proactive, hands on approach and a commitment to actively promoting company performance, standards and ideology in a client service environment. Daniel holds a Certificate III in Security Operations as well as undertaking studies in Justice Administration and other professional development in the workplace.

Brendan Hines

Operations Manager- Events

Brendan has been an integral component of the Infront Events Management team since late 2017. He came to us following a long career in various operational roles, having worked/managed security at most of the major events on the Queensland events calendar. Brendan is responsible of coordinating the event security team, roster development, staff recruitment, development of work instructions/Security Management Plan as well as ensuring contractual compliance. During major events, Brendan is responsible for co-ordinating security personal at the event, liaising with all stake holders and ensuring all compliance issues are being meet  . Brendan works closely with our Crowd Control Department to manage the Infront staffing pool so that all staffing requirements for both events, as well as regular day-today services, are met.

Cheryl Lowlen

Office Manager

Cheryl started at Infront since inception in 2002 doing all office administration functions at that time.

Since Infront has grown Cheryl is now responsible for overseeing all office functions as well as the internal auditing of quality assurance management system. The Infront HSEQ internal management system, assisting in the initiating and implementing policy and procedures.  

Cheryl also does compliance and administration at the major events and festivals on the Infront calendar working alongside the event manager. She also  performs some  IT functions in the office and implementation of new systems.

Neil Dicholkar

Financial Controller

Neil commenced working for Infront in October 2017 following a wide ranging career in corporate finance and administration. Neil has exposure in diverse industries including Travel, ICT, FMCG and Services.  A Chartered Accountant by trade Neil also holds a MBA and a Bachelor of Science. As a Financial Controller, Neil is responsible for the financial integrity of the Group and finance related activities from Cash Flow Management, Budgeting & Forecasting, day to day management of finance function to meet the expectations of our clients.

Lisa Smith

HSE Cordinator

Prior to commencing with Infront Security, Lisa has worked for many years with a number of major mining companies, both nationally and internationally. As a Safety and Risk professional, she has been responsible for risk assessment facilitation (HSE and whole of business), development of ISO compliant HSE management systems, development of induction and safety leaderships programs, as well as the development of Audit and Compliance programs.

Since joining Infront, she has introduced a range of initiatives based on her extensive experience, which has contributed significantly to the increased safety of our staff.  Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science (environmental/ Chemistry), Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training and Certificate III in Frontline Management, as well as being an accredited Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator.

David Ford

Operations Manager-static

David commenced with Infront Security in 2016 following a long and extensive 15 year career in security operational management roles. As a security professional, he has developed his account management and project management expertise throughout his career, and brings to Infront a range of experience not often seen at the operational management level. David is currently responsible for all of our Static Guard Queensland sites, and is an accredited Workplace Rehabilitation Coordinator, holding a Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety as well as various security operations accreditation.

Dudley van Staveren

State Operations Manager

Dudley commenced working in the security industry in 1994, and has undertaken a variety of operational management roles before Infront Security as the State Operations Manager in 2010. Dudley is responsible for the contract management of all our static guarding, mobile patrols and K9&Handler team clients, as well as providing support to the Crowd Control/Event Security Division.

He has built a strong reputation within the industry for his exceptional customer service, collaborative problem solving, and staff management skills, evidenced by the longevity of the relationships he has developed with our client base. Dudley holds a Diploma of Security and Risk Management, as well as undertaking various professional development in workplace health and safety and security operations.

Matthew Bhimbhai

Founder and CEO

Matthew has been involved in the security industry for over 25 years. In 2002, he saw a need for a truly customer-focused locally-based security company and established the Infront Security Group. Matthew’s strategic positioning has seen what commenced ostensibly as a crowd control company grow to incorporate the full gamut of manpower offerings with Infront currently providing security services to some of the most critical infrastructure across Queensland. He is a key figure in the security industry, working closely with various Queensland State Government departments to promote security risk and compliance, and providing operational advice on a range of security issues that confront our society today. Matthew is a “hands on” leader and has ultimate responsibility for all of our client sites as the Contract Sponsor and is the Event Manager for all of the major events that we service.

Matthew holds a Diploma in Security Operations and Risk Management, and has undertaken various training programs in workplace training and assessment, and weapons instruction. Matthew has also participated in numerous specialist training programs pertinent to the climate we operate in today such as the Responding to Chemical, Biological and Radiological Attacks held at Macquarie University in Sydney.