Infront Security Services


Dogs (K9) and Handlers

Infront Security is one of the largest providers of K9 Security Teams in Australia, supplying 40+ quality K9 teams throughout South East QLD.

Our highly trained Security K9’s use their superior sensory attributes to detect trespassers, identity threats and alert their Handler to the presence of intruders. 

The mere presence of a well presented and trained K9 Team is a great deterrence for vandalism, theft and anti-social behaviour. 

The addition of a trained security K9 is greatly beneficial in high risk areas, at night or in remote locations, providing enhanced situational awareness and an increased level of protection for our security officers and the assets they are tasked to protect. 

All Infront K9 teams are required to undergo regular training conducted by qualified instructors with an operational background in Law Enforcement or Military.

Infront K9 teams must first pass a pre-employment assessment where the K9 and Handler is able to demonstrate competency in obedience, protection and safety, to ensure they are suitable for security work prior to employment.

K9 teams are graded and subsequently deployed to areas in accordance with their level of skill, guaranteeing a high-quality service to our clients.

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The Infront team has extensive industry knowledge that our partners can access, including a dedicated support team, extensive range of employees to meet every need, and over 15 years experience in Brisbane.