It has been said that one dog team (K9 and handler) is the equivalent of six men!  Our highly trained K9s have incredibly powerful senses and an intimidating, yet controlled presence which makes them an incredibly effective solution in certain environments. Infront K9 teams provide an excellent deterrent, particularly in preventing thefts and vandalism in remote or poorly lit areas.

Our approach to K9s and their handlers is based on providing a high standard of regular and on-going training – at least fortnightly – which greatly exceeds the current Queensland legislative requirements.  Our Instructors have extensive experience in both military and civilian police environments, both locally and internationally.

Additionally, Infront introduced the ‘muzzle model’ to Australia, whereby dogs wear a basket style muzzle that has a quick release mechanism for when the dog is required to escalate their response. The muzzle is particularly useful in public areas, as it provides members of the public with a level of comfort when the dog teams are working near them.

Our K9 teams are constantly being assessed and reviewed to ensure they continually meet the high standards that Infront expects.