Infront Security can provide staff to support any venue or event, whether it’s for 200 guests or 200,000!

Crowd Control

Infront Crowd Control undertakes a rigorous selection process whereby staff are selected for their interpersonal skills as well as their judgement and decision-making capacity.  A dedicated team of such highly skilled staff ensures that the public face of any venue is presented in a professional and positive manner.  The development of a Venue Security Plan, coupled with site operating procedures and continuous professional development based on a philosophy of negotiation and verbal conflict resolution, ensures our crowd control officers stand apart from those in other organisations.

Event Security

Infront Event Services offer a full range of services to ensure the secure execution and success of any event, including:

  • Crowd Control & Event Personnel;
  • Risk Management;
  • Traffic and Parking Management;
  • Emergency Management Services; and
  • Corporate Hosting.

Focused on three (3) components which determine the success of any event, the Infront Events team:

  • Planning – we work with event management and the various stakeholders to develop a Security Management Plan as well as specific position instructions for all staff;
  • Execution – our team comprises specialist operators such as:
    • Gate/Entry/Exit staff who ensure that patrons meet all entry requirements as well as managing the refusal policy for prohibited items, including bag searches;
    • Bar Staff who not only utilise their RSA expertise but have exceptional public relations skills and can deal with any situation with tact and discretion;
    • roving staff who conduct regular patrols of a designated area, and respond as required to any situations/incidents; and
    • Asset Management who are often required to work overnight protecting property.
  • Debrief – At the completion of any event, Infront ensures we undertake debriefing to review the service provision, and learn lessons for “next time”.

This philosophy has been used successfully at the many events that Infront regularly undertakes such as Riverfire, Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival and the Paniyiri Greek Festival.