How Security Professionals Can Help Reduce On-site Crime

How Security Professionals Can Help Reduce On-site Crime

On-site security can bring considerably more value than merely watching for criminal activity. In fact, security can aid in the reduction of on-site crime significantly, as well as reducing instances of workplace injury, and increasing productivity.


Security professionals are obviously a deterrent for criminals. Having a trained security officer watching you will statistically decrease criminal intent exponentially. Importantly, having a security guard present will also increase the accountability of staff, as security will usually speak to senior management.

Recognising potential breaches

Security personnel will usually have diverse experience in the industry. From various skill-sets to experience in different environments, security professionals will often notice potential breaches before they even happen. Make sure you get the most value out of your security team, by asking for their expert advice –
Have you noticed any potential areas of concern?
Could you note these areas and make me aware of them?
Have you seen any suspicious activity that wasn’t reportable?
If your security personnel feel comfortable talking openly, they will let you know when they see something odd.

As Security Manager

In some environments, security guards are placed in the corner and left there. But if empowered, those same guards can assist in implementing security policies, improving systems and enhancing methods of reporting.
A good security professional will work to recognise any shortcomings in the existing security systems and make sure team members are adhering to them. This creates something of a “culture of security” that is managed by a specialist.

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