What Should You Consider When Choosing a Security Company?

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Security Company?

Choosing a security company to partner with should be about more than trial and error. Sadly, many businesses are too quick in their selection process and end up having to turn over security partners due to poor performance.

Here are four points to consider when choosing a security company to partner with:

1. Evidence of Experience

It’s not enough that a security company has a considerable footprint or years of experience as a general security provider. What you need to know is, have they had experience with an environment like yours before? Have they had experience solving problems similar to yours? Do they have the experience in your industry to articulate relevant advice? A good security company should have the experience be able to identify problems that you haven’t considered yet.

2. Methodology

“How will you protect my site?”

This simple question will help you determine the company’s methodology. Are they advocating the increase of manpower onsite as soon as possible, or are they more methodical and scientific in their approach? A security business that is willing to analyse and diagnose your situation before prescribing a solution will most likely save you money and more effectively protect your business in the long run .

3. Communication

It’s important to understand who your point of contact with your security partner will be and how that communication will work. Do you deal directly with a senior manager? Is there an account manager assigned to your business? How should communication be carried out if there is an emergency? What if there is a problem with accounts? A security company that has solid communication processes in place will be easier to deal with, and it’s likely that their other processes – the ones that impact on you directly – will be more effective.

4. Reputation

When it comes to security, reputation is a great equaliser. Ask for references, or speak to people in the industry that have used that specific company before. A good reputation is hard to earn in such a competitive industry and just as difficult to keep.

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