Security Over the Festive Season

Security Over the Festive Season

Christmas can be seen as a “perfect storm,” of security problems. Regardless of your industry, there are numerous issues that present themselves and a number of psychological challenges that we all end up facing in some way or form. Here are our top tips for making sure your business, staff and customers stay safe this Christmas:

Christmas Is Different, Treat it Differently

Processes and methodology need to be adjusted for the festive season. Whether you are bringing in more staff, expect more customers, run on smaller teams or are bringing in additional stock to cover the inevitable rush, security requirements change. Have another look at your processes, and adapt for the revised circumstances. Be critical – what has changed, what is likely to change, and where are you now exposed?

Review Your Business from Every Angle

While most robberies and corporate crimes are reactive, those that are planned are usually done so because one of the perpetrators has been made aware of an “easy target.” This could mean piles of product sitting out the back of your warehouse unguarded. Maybe it means a smaller accounting team with fewer checks and balances handling a larger amount of money. It could simply be that you run a store that doesn’t have enough security for the number of potential customers. Crimes on easy targets happened because someone notices something, she has with someone else and a plan is put into action. In these scenarios, criminals get the opportunity to cover their tracks and minimise their risk. Don’t be an easy target.

Look at the Financial Realities

Additional costs to minimise risks reduces profit; that’s just basic mathematics. However, it’s not the end of the equation and you should consider the potential costs associated with replacing stock, having cash stolen or the time associated with prosecuting a former employee. Don’t save money for the wrong reasons – put your business, your staff and your customers and a safe and secure environment.

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