How do you choose a Security Provider?

How do you choose a Security Provider?

5 Things to Look For

Choosing the right security provider can be a daunting prospect. At first glance, many security businesses may appear to be essentially the same – offering the same services in the same way – and indeed, there’s no such thing as a security provider that suits everyone. In this article, we’re going to go through 5 key points that we think you should consider before choosing a security business to partner with.

1.Their Relevant Experience

All the businesses you are considering have most likely worked with organisations like yours before, but what about the challenges you are facing? Are you a warehousing business concerned with employee theft due to a large contractor workforce? Are you a construction business that has a site located new a high-crime area? Talk to potential partners about their experience with circumstances similar to yours and how they overcame them.

2. Their Flexibility

No arrangement is ever as simple as it first appears. Changes happen, people leave and focus changes from one issue to another. How flexible is your security partner going to be to changing circumstances? Do they have the ability to bring in additional staff or add on more services? Will they reduce their offering if the unforeseen should happen? The time to learn their attitude to change is before an arrangement starts, not afterwards.

3. Customer References

Don’t just go off the long list of names on their website – ask to speak with a couple of their key clients. As with employment reference checks, it’s important to ask questions that will get a response beyond the standard ‘they are great at security and we value them.’ Ask their client what they don’t like about what they do and what they would change if they could. Ask about a challenging issue and how they responded. Have a commercial conversation, be talkative and get the information you need.

4. How They Attract and Train Their Team

Security business are, in the end, a conduit to expertise. Their value lies in their ability to attract, retain and upskill capable practitioners who will fulfill the requirements of clients. Ask your potential provider how they bring people on and how they make sure that they are always on the cutting edge.

5. How They Incorporate New Technologies

Security is ever changing. With new technologies entering the market all the time, security businesses need to be effective at identifying valuable technology and deploying it. Ask for examples of how they’ve brought on new technologies in the past and what challenges they faced. Ask about future technologies and their plans. This will give you insights into how they think and how they work.

A good security partner can make your life easier and help set your mind at ease. Make sure you’re working with the right people, who think in the right way.

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