K9 Patrols – Highly adaptable & Effective tools

K9 Patrols – Highly adaptable & Effective tools

K9 patrols are highly adaptable, effective tools that can act as effective tools on multiple levels. Where they are most obviously superior to traditional human patrols is the well-known ability of dogs to detect scents across large areas – making the patrollable area much larger. It’s a major part of the reason that law enforcement agencies around the world use K9s.

Where they are extremely effective as a deterrent. As the attributes of K9 units are well known, criminals will be more hesitant to go into a premise that has dog patrols. They will likely be aware that a chase doesn’t end with a line of sight from the pursuer to the pursued, with dogs being able to keep up a chase far beyond what a human is capable of.

Then there is the purely physical. Even a confident, strong and powerful thief will know of the potential damage a dog can do. Many criminals rely on their physical stature or threats to intimidate security guards, but there is no chance of that with a dog; this increases the deterrent even more.

When considering a complete security solution, deterrents and prevention measures should be in place. By combining guards, cameras and K9 units, along with other technologies, a property can be effectively secured from the inside out. K9 units can add a huge amount to any solution, especially when there are large areas to patrol.

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