Effective Corporate Security in the Age of Technology

Effective Corporate Security in the Age of Technology

Corporate security is a broad series of disciplines that aim to minimise risk for businesses. With the advent of cloud computing and other technological advances, the potential for security breaches has increased. 

Here are a few points on effective corporate security in the age of technology:

Risk Management

All good security begins with a risk assessment. Really effective corporate security begins and ends with a risk assessment. While it’s common for businesses to undergo a robust assessment at the start of a security undertaking, it’s far less common (but vital) for that assessment to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Risk mitigation is impossible if new risks – and changes to the risk categories – aren’t being updated. 

Online Breaches are Often Not Technical

When we think of online breaches, we think of a cyber-hacker sitting in an office surrounded by screens, working to find a backdoor into your system and then call you to blackmail you with compromising commercial information.

The reality is often far less exciting.

The most common form of a breach for commercial entities is using an existing password that has either been clumsily shared or shouldn’t exist. An example of this is the former employee, who, having resigned is allowed to return to his desk and work out his notice period. His access isn’t limited, despite the fact he has high-level access, which could now be looked at as a valuable commodity.

Non-technical breaches are common because they’re often opportunistic. Remove the temptation with effective policies.

Responsibility and Accountability

Good measurement, processes, and policy are pointless without responsibility and accountability. Ask yourself: who is responsible for policing the systems and policies, and how are people held accountable? How will you know what actually happened when something goes wrong? How will you communicate to people how they’re being held accountable? Checks and balances make sure everyone is aware of their responsibilities and how they will be held accountable.

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