Effective Maritime Security Methodology

Effective Maritime Security Methodology

Maritime security is a broad topic, specific to the challenges and intricacies of the location in question. However, the methodology of maritime safety can be seen as a means to ensure overall compliance and communicate what matters to team members and contractors. This week’s article will address maritime security methodology.

⚓️ Control

As with other logistics-based disciplines, maritime security involves a large amount of awareness and control of the location. Who’s entering? Why? For how long? Who are authorised contractors? With so many people entering the site at odd times, it’s important that controls are in place to make sure no clumsy and reactive decisions are made by guards and other security personnel.

⚓️ Management

Management of ever-changing circumstances is a crucial element of maritime security. Lulls in activity can lead to complacency and it’s important that when things get busy again, staff are prepared. Effective time management and a shared awareness of busy periods (before they begin) will reduce the chances of errors taking place. 

⚓️ Processes

‘How we do things around here’ should be non-negotiable and readily apparent to anyone coming on site. Processes enable staff to do their job without concern for the intricacies of different time periods or varying processes. Regardless of the time of day, people involved or whatever else is happening, processes should remain rock solid and well policed.

⚓️ Awareness

Maritime security is ever changing and evolving. A good practitioner will keep themselves aware of changes at a micro level – on the site, new contracts and challenges and anything else that may impact security – and macro level – changes and improvements in the industry and opportunities to get ahead of the game.

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