Keep Your Construction Site Safe

Keep Your Construction Site Safe

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Maintaining security on a construction site can be difficult. Sites, by their very nature, have numerous security blindspots and countless opportunities for vandals and thieves. From tools not being secured to machines with keys in them through to building materials, unlocked rooms and contractors coming and going, a construction site is a security nightmare.

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Here are our top tips for keeping your site secure.



Darkness, blindspots and criminal pathways are 3 crucial elements when it come to securing a site from opportunistic crime. Make sure your site is well lit at night and that anything valuable is well secured in a area that is clearly visible. Don’t use coverings that create spaces that cannot be seen – this makes criminals feel comfortable.

Criminal pathways are the route criminals can take from outside the site, to a high risk area. Think of dark spaces joined together, walls obscuring vison and machines in the way of the outside world. Criminal pathways can be removed by spreading out your site and keeping it clean.



Keep anyone on site up to date with security regulations, not just the basic requirements. Take them through the process of securing the site at the end of a shift, handing over responsibility to others and reporting potential high-risk scenarios. Strong regulations and processes can save money and have the added bonus of making staff feel safer onsite.


3.Block Access

When securing your site, you obviously lock all doors – that are lockable – and close off as many entry points as possible. Now, look to open scaffolding, incomplete walls, and access hatches. A few temporary batons nailed to a frame will reduce the temptation for vandals and thieves. Remember – if a criminal can enter a site through a criminal pathway and feel secure in a building then there is virtually no limit to the damage they can do. Have the team spend 30 minutes wandering around the site before they clock off – especially before weekends.



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