What you need to know (to keep safe) for festival season
festival season

What you need to know (to keep safe) for festival season

Tips & Tricks to keep you safe during festival season

Festivals are loads of fun. Massive crowds, the best bands and DJs and all the excitement that comes with it. But, even though a vast majority of these events are well thought out and designed with the safety of attendees in mind, you still need to be somewhat mindful. Here are our top tips to keep safe over the festival season.

Pay Attention to What Matters

Let’s face it, in all the excitement you’re probably not going to be able to keep an eye out for all potential dangers. You’ll be too busy having fun, hanging out with friends and listening to amazing music. But here are a few things you should keep an eye on

? Your drink, A watched beer doesn’t get spiked

?Your mobile phone, If you lose your friends you’ll need it

?Your friends, So that you don’t need your phone

Share this short list with your friends and keep an eye on them too – especially if anyone comes near your drink.


?Take it Easy

It’s not uncommon for a significant number of festival goers to require medical attention for excessive alcohol intake. While this is sometimes more to do with basic overindulgence, it’s often about how the festival-goer usually drinks.

The average night out might last four or five hours – that means you can have a few quick wines, a spirit and even a couple of shots and then head home.

Festivals commonly go all day and all night and combine music, alcohol, sun, crowds….it’s no wonder that some people don’t make it past 1 pm.

Drink loads of water and set your phone alarm to remind yourself to take an hour of the booze and just chill.

Don’t Risk It

Take it from a security business – when it comes to festivals, it’s all been tried. Smuggling in alcohol in clever bladders that look like something else, having stuff thrown over fences, refusing searches poor political reasons…the list is endless.

The police and security teams have been trained and briefed on this particular event. Our team leaders have walked through the location the weeks before and the venue managers have pointed out areas that have been weak spots previously.

Don’t try it – just have a great day and follow the rules!

Have fun and stay safe

The Infront HQ Team

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