The Importance of a Detailed Corporate Security Site Risk Assessment

The Importance of a Detailed Corporate Security Site Risk Assessment

Security site risk assessments are often seen as tedious and a waste of time; and the truth is they can be. When treated as a “series of boxes to be ticked,” the exercise turns into a farce, adding no value and likely identifying few risks. However, a security site assessment that is completed effectively can add tremendous value, reduce costs and even contribute to numerous departments across the company. Here are some key points on how and why to complete a corporate security site risk assessment that isn’t a waste of time.

Risk Mitigation

The most obvious benefit of completing a security risk assessment is the identification and mitigation of high-risk areas. However, there are additional, hidden benefits in this process also. For example, by getting the team involved in a robust risk assessment underpinned by effective communication, potential gaps can be identified, and concerns noted. A risk assessment provides employees and contractors with a voice not only regarding security but also Occupational Health & Safety and general workplace issues. It’s highly unlikely that a security assessment will only yield information that is useful from a security standpoint.

Everyone Gets Involved

Continuing from point one, everyone gets involved in a security risk assessment. When done correctly, people are not simply sent an email asking them to point out any security concerns but are interviewed, either individually or as a group. While this is important from an internal communications standpoint, it also allows any issues to be doublechecked by other employees, “do you think the storeroom door is left open too much?” And increases the amount of buy-in for any changes that are made. It’s far more likely that employees will embrace new policies and procedures if they have had some involvement and their creation.

Increased vigilance

Communication is a two-way street, and security risk assessments are no different. While you are identifying high-risk areas and put new systems in place to reduce risk exposure, you will also inadvertently increase internal awareness through the process. It has been proven that company security is improved when it is part of the organisational conversation. By talking openly about the security of the business, vigilance and awareness will increase.

The first step in conducting a site assessment that works is formulating a communications plan. Work out how to best engage your employees, contractors and anyone else who has access to the site and manage it as you would any other project. Make it clear to everyone that you are serious about getting it done correctly, and that their views will be taken on board to form the basis of any changes that will be made.

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