Security Operator Training: Training Done Right

Security Operator Training: Training Done Right

At Infront, we pride ourselves on the skills of our personnel and the knowledge of our leaders. In today’s ever-changing world, security professionals need to be aware of innovations, potential threats and anything else that could impact on their ability to do their job effectively.

Here is why our security training works:
We are Doing the Job

Our trainers are experienced security guards, weapons trainers and dog handlers. When a new class joins us, they are getting current, real-world information from experienced professionals, not just professional trainers.


Our Training Always Improves

As the industry evolves, so too does our training. Whether we are training armed guards, security monitoring professionals or crowd controllers, we are always reviewing our course content and how we can make it better.


It’s Not Just a Textbook

Our training is hands-on and practical. When someone leaves us with a qualification, they don’t just know the words that were written on a piece of paper, they have experienced scenarios and taken part in activities so that they are prepared for the job.


We Stake our Reputation on it

We are always up-skilling our own personnel, so it’s likely that any new intake will have a number of our team getting a refresher course. We believe so strongly in our ability to effectively train security professionals that we base our business around it.
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