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Infront a central figure in the Queensland security industry since 2002.

Welcome to Infront Security

Infront Security Services has been a leading security specialist in Australian since 2002. Infront has fostered an enviable reputation based on the strength and experience of the Infront management team and highly trained expert staff, underpinned by a Quality Assured accredited integrated management system. Infront draws from a large pool of staff with a diverse range of expertise to service an extensive and varied client base across the full suite of security advisory and manpower offerings.

EST. 2002

As an Australian owned and operated security provider, we understand the unique requirements of our clients which are reflective of the constantly shifting needs of the broader community. By working collaboratively with our clients, we have been able to develop strong and lasting relationships, a cornerstone of Infront’s service delivery ethos. We look forward to cultivating similar relationships with our future customers, based on mutual trust and respect.

Coronavirus Update

In line with recent developments in the outbreak of Novel coronavirus, the Australia Government and World Health Organisation have provided advice on basic protective measures against coronavirus. We recommend and have informed all our staff to take steps to maintain good personal hygiene and to follow the recommendations of the Australian Government Health Department (AGHD) protocols to minimise the risk of exposure.

We have recently contacted all our staff with an outline of the AGHD protocols. If you have any concerns or have not received this advise, please contact us to discuss.

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Logistics Security

Regardless of your needs, Infront can provide customised, high quality security solutions for all logistical needs.


Infront provide security guards for many premium, luxury and flagships stores based in Queensland and beyond.


Infront provide warehouse security guards & many other warehouse security services that may deter theft and vandalism.


Infront is a trusted supplier of corporate and office security guards, creating a secure and relaxed environment for your staff and visitors